“Excellent and Professional. I was broken, hopeless and I had very limited knowledge and information about legal vision of my situation. I was searching online and found couple different law firm in the Area. After having consultation with three different attorneys in three different law firms, I met Karen Gajewski at her office with very easy making appointment. With short time after explaining my Situation to her, She referred me to her law firm partner, Mr. Edward Baughan.
after having my FREE Consultation with Mr. Ed I knew in my heart, finally i Found someone who has enough experience to take care of my case and putting me at ease and pace of mind. Edward Baughan is very Gentle, caring and furthermore a GOOD LISTENER. So, he planned all my paperwork and ahead of a time he described all the possibility and made me be prepare for my case presentation. My case was really one of a kind that not every attorney can handle. At the End, as I was expected, the result was what he promised at the beginning. I do really appreciate your hard working and honestly . Highly recommend Gajewski & Baughan law firm”

— Ali D.

“If you are in need of experienced, trustworthy and professional attorneys look no further. Karen and Ed make an excellent team. They explained all of my questions and eased my mind. I’m so pleased with the outcome of my case.”

— Nicole M.

“Ed provided us with a very excellent and professional service sorting through this insurance issue. We highly recommend his services. We are very thankful for his work.”

— Homero R.

“I was dealing with a troubling legal matter and was recommended through a friend that Ed was a very good lawyer. Even though my situation did not directly involve his specialty areas, he still took the time to listen to me and then made calls on my behalf. He was able to connect with me to another lawyer who eventually was able to work with me through my legal matter. What I’m grateful to Ed is that he put my needs before his own and diid not give up on me. It says a lot about who he is. Ed could have simply said, “I’m sorry, I can’t help you” and let me continue my search on my own but he didn’t. With his referral and reassurance, I was able to receive another expert consultation that same day. When I met Ed, I was nervous and anxious but he walked me through the first step and gave me hope and confidence. Thank you. I highly recommend Ed Baughan.”

— Katsuhiro T.

“As a first time claimant in a not-at-fault collision involving an underinsured Lyft driver, I was totally inexperienced as to how to proceed with a claim for my injuries and a demolished car. Through the combined efforts of Karen Gajewski and Ed Baughan my claim was quickly and professionally concluded for the maximum policy limits. I was most happy and impressed with the experience and skill with which my situation was quickly resolved and would most highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking personal injury representation!”

— Owen D.

“Great people to work with. For over 2 years Karen religiously work on my case and got me a better resolution than I ever expected. They are Amazing. Thanks Ed and Karen”

— Dana C.

Amazing, knowledgeable and professional. Being rear ended on the freeway and Having a “pre-existing condition” makes it a little harder to prove a case, but for over 2 1/2 years Karen never quit, she handled everything from finding Doctor’s and scheduling appointments to always making sure I was Ok. And I got a far better resolution than I ever expected.
Ed and Karen Thank You for all your hard work…..

— Dana C.

The BEST attorneys in town!!! They were always available to speak to me and returned my calls right away. Thank goodness! Gave me peace of mind. Best communication I’ve had with an attorney in my life. Resolution of case was RAPID which help my pocket and helped me not stress anymore. There were no hidden/excess fees charged. Everything was transparent from the start and I knew my options. GREAT location and parking in downtown Culver City. I highly recommend this power couple that will help you resolve any legal matter if not point you in the right direction. Plus they are compassionate and make you feel they are there for you. THANK YOU Ed & Karen!

— Reyna L.

Karen was recommended to me by my previous boss and I am so grateful she was. We just settled my case without the hassle and headaches of trial. My case was not typical and definitely had its challenges, but nothing to big for her. I’m so glad to put this entire thing behind me but I am glad that she was the one by my side during the process.

— Stefani B.

I was seriously injured in an auto accident in 2015. I decided to contact Karen to assist me with my case. It’s a good thing that I did, because the insurance company that we sued is probably the worst in the country. Through Karen’s tireless effort we finally settled the case nearly two years after the accident. This is the second time she has helped me. Karen is absolutely the best. I highly recommend her.

— Sam S.

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