Negligent Security

Every day innocent people throughout California become victims of crime. Many of these crimes could have been avoided through adequate security. Property owners have a duty to keep others safe from harm, including criminal assault and battery. If they fail to take adequate safety measures or fail to warn visitors of dangerous conditions, they can be liable for negligent security.

Our lawyers are prepared to represent crime victims who were injured because property or business owners failed to provide proper security. These claims include, but are not limited to, personal attacks or injuries resulting from:

  • Forced entry.
  • Insufficient lighting or surveillance.
  • Attacks in elevators and stairwells.
  • Personal attacks (robbery, rape, murder).
  • Negligent hiring.

The criminal justice system deals with the person who criminally injured you or a loved one. The civil justice system allows you to hold a negligent property owner financially responsible for allowing or creating conditions that gave the criminal an opportunity to commit wrong. Our lawyers know how to find out whether there has been criminal activity in the past, or whether a property owner had prior knowledge of a potential problem, but instead chose not to do anything about it, or did too little to resolve it.

Victims of crime may suffer serious physical and emotional injury, as well as a substantial loss from a preventable crime. Gajewski & Baughan can help you or your loved one recover losses by holding a negligent property owner accountable for medical bills, pain and suffering, past and future lost earnings and property loss. Over the years, we have earned an impressive record of success as well as the gratitude of our clients and the respect of our peers in the legal community.

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