Personal Injury

When a person is injured in an accident someone is often legally responsible. Personal injury is a branch of law that is designed to protect persons harmed by the careless or intentional acts of others. The personal injury legal system sets out the parameters for compensating victims who have been injured by such careless actions.

Personal injury law encompasses a broad range of claims, including wrongful death, vehicle accident, boating and personal watercraft accident, premises liability, animal bites, and numerous others. To establish a personal injury claim the injured person must be able to demonstrate that another party has the legal responsibility for the injuries. To establish responsibility for the personal injuries, two factors must be proven: 1) Liability (fault or culpability) and 2) Damages (injuries and losses).

If you sustain a personal injury it is imperative to contact an attorney as soon as possible to establish liability. Witnesses must be interviewed and a thorough investigation must be started to prove the fault of the responsible party. It is also necessary to immediately contact any source of insurance to cover the loss.

Personal injury accidents can cause devastating injuries and financial loss. Depending on the circumstances of the case, the injured victim can seek damages for physical injury, lost earnings, impairment of future earnings, lifestyle changes, loss of support to loved ones, property damage and past, present and future medical care and expenses.

It is important that you choose an attorney, such as one of the attorneys at Gajewski & Baughan that specialize in personal injury. We have over 35 years of experience in handling these cases and have the ability to accurately assess the merits of your case and determine the best legal strategy to maximize the compensation due to you. Our firm has a proven successful track record, having obtained literally millions of dollars for our personal injury clients. The defense attorneys and insurance carriers know us, and know that we will fight to get the very best for our clients.

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“If you are in need of experienced, trustworthy and professional attorneys look no further. Karen and Ed make an excellent team. They explained all of my questions and eased my mind. I’m so pleased with the outcome of my case.”

- Nicole M.

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- Homero R.

“Great people to work with. For over 2 years Karen religiously work on my case and got me a better resolution than I ever expected. They are Amazing. Thanks Ed and Karen”

- Dana C.

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