March 29, 2023

Ali D.

“Excellent and Professional. I was broken, hopeless and I had very limited knowledge and information about legal vision of my situation. I was searching online and found couple different law firm in the Area. After having consultation with three different attorneys in three different law firms, I met Karen Gajewski at her office with very easy making appointment. With short time after explaining my Situation to her, She referred me to her law firm partner, Mr. Edward Baughan.
after having my FREE Consultation with Mr. Ed I knew in my heart, finally i Found someone who has enough experience to take care of my case and putting me at ease and pace of mind. Edward Baughan is very Gentle, caring and furthermore a GOOD LISTENER. So, he planned all my paperwork and ahead of a time he described all the possibility and made me be prepare for my case presentation. My case was really one of a kind that not every attorney can handle. At the End, as I was expected, the result was what he promised at the beginning. I do really appreciate your hard working and honestly . Highly recommend Gajewski & Baughan law firm”

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